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Safety Tips for Seniors Living Independently

Most senior citizens prefer living independently in the comfort of their own homes opposed to other senior care housing options. Although this isn’t an option for all senior citizens, individuals that are capable of living home should be knowledgeable about general home safety tips to avoid any harmful situations. Caregivers and family members should also know these safety tips to handle any situation that can arise.

Some general safety tips include using a medical alert system, installing sturdy rails, and safe-proofing the home. A medical alert system should be intact in case the individual falls or has an accident when they are home alone. If they can’t get up or access a phone, there needs to be a way they can contact medical professionals for help. Sturdy rails can help senior citizens climb stairs more easily. Especially in outdoor conditions, railings should be in place to reduce the risk of falls. Lastly, safe-proofing the house involves taping up cords and wires so the senior citizen won’t trip over them. It’s also important to avoid waxy floors that are easy to slip on.

Drug safety measures should be taken as well. It’s important that a family member or caregiver is monitoring the drug use, especially with addictive medications. Make sure the medications are clearly labeled and a weekly drug case is used. This case will separate the pills based on daily doses so that the elderly individual can easily take their medications in a safe manner. Family members or care takers should also communicate with the individual’s doctors and physicians to make sure the medications won’t negatively react with each other.

If you’re worried about a loved ones’ safety, consult with a geriatric care manager for better care solutions.