Printing Do’s and Don’ts

When preparing an order to be screen printed whether it be for a school function, you child soccer team or really any reason any reason you want them to look the best they can and so does the company providing the shirts. To make sure you have done all you can on your end, consider the things below when preparing your order.

Avoid printing over seam, pockets, zippers, etc.
When the screen, which holds the design, is placed on an uneven surface the mage will appear broken because the screen is unable to lay flat on the garment. When the screen is laid flat it is able to be displayed evenly creating a perfect print over and over. If you insist on having the design lay over uneven parts of the garment they cannot guarantee perfection.

Some colors do not appear as they should on certian color garments.
Due to the high amount of dye in brighter colored apparel certian colors such as white and yellow tend to look extremely discolored because of the garment color. Red, Royal Blue, Cobalt, Turquoise and Kelly green garments all leave customers with this problem just to name a few.

Some garments do not display designs as well as others.
Due to how some apparel is created, the details within the design you are having printed will be hard to make out. Because the garment is not a smooth martial like that of a t-shirt; burnout tees, bags, aprons or ribbed garments are all garments that leave customers with this problem. In particular, ribbed garments while preferred by a lot of people because of their fit, cause issues when printing because when it is printed the item lays flat, when worn the item stretches pulling the ink apart.

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